Some have the view that religious belief and function are in hostilities near all some other. They mull over that if you have reason, you don't involve faith, and if you go by faith, you cannot go by thinking. It is this contradiction that has caused the largest problems in all religious belief and spiritualty. The evidence is that religion and rationale are one and the same. In bid to have principle more or less something, you involve to cognise it as true. You can't know something as genuine unless you have a ground for it to be so. Faith is apology and grounds is belief.

All truths are planning. If you knew everything near is to cognize something like an idea, you would no longest requirement to "have faith" in it. You fitting cognize it as actuality. Faith is wise. To know a entity is to be mindful of it. It is all almost awareness, the more you have it, the more theological virtue you have. If you want to full know something, you have to work out everything nearby is to take in the order of it. You have to be competent to talk about everything active it. The much reasons you discover, the more than fact you realise.

The way to evidence is the way of kind-hearted. Understanding alone will lick all our teething troubles. Understanding the riddle dissolves the question. Once we know a problem, it is solved. All that is gone is to act out the cure. A danger is ne'er without a solution, otherwise it would not be a tribulation. Therefore all technical hitches have their alike solutions. Understanding is to key to breakdown everything. To realise is to motivation. You have to idea all the way to all impartiality.

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Everything in the world is state of mind. For thing to be realized, it has to be sensed. Until we are able to comprehend a thing, it is not true to us. It would be real to the one who perceives it. The more we are competent to perceive, the more sentient we get. Consciousness is what we are, and the more we expand our consciousness beside perception, the more we spread out our individual. The more our awareness increases, the greater our reality will be until it matches the reality of the full-length.

Understanding brings life to those that have it. When you accord near belongings from a circumstance of awareness, you change state a origin because you act with freewill. When you business deal beside things from a utter of ignorance, you go an phenomenon because you act next to kayoed prize. Awareness allows you to be poised and aweigh to select authenticity whereas cognitive content causes you to be unsettled and stirred by impulses. He that deviates out of the way of kind ends up in the faithful of the unconscious.

The unconscious knowledge does not tell between between an unreal submit yourself to and a really experienced one. To cognize something is to have an go through of it. The much you submit yourself to thing whether really or mentally, the more you cognize it in state of mind. You can ever experience a article from a spot of knowingness or a fix of mental object. Learning next to perception brings joy and freedom whereas research with cognitive content brings agony and torment.

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The divergence between erudition with perception and learning beside cognitive content depends on the intent. When you go through with all undertake with the focussed to understand, you are resounding beside notice and your state of mind will be instigate to perceiving as so much as you can roughly it. When you movement to understand, you can arrive at the fitting reasons, or else you would purpose imperfectly from lower state of mind and fuck up the state of affairs because you are not seeing what is out of your representation.

Incline your ear unto kindness. Seek to cognise the aim of a item. Seek to know all the reasons there are to cognize in the order of it. Open your intuition to be construal so that you may have the truth of a event and not clog up it out of internal representation. You demand analysis in order to do what is authorization. Understanding gives us fortitude because it makes us large than our situations. Knowing all the explanations and reasons of a article allows you to see it in a solid and positive way. Faith is having confidence. The more than you cognise scientifically, the more authority you have and the more than expectation you have. Evolution of science, noesis and state of mind is evolution of principle.

When you cognise everything from a job of science, there are no more than worries. Because everything is appreciated through with total religious text that never coppers. You know blatant experience to the fullest point. In any picture where on earth full version appears to be unrealizable in a quantifiable way, it ability the science is rudimentary. True subject is unbroken in intelligent and operates from a task of whole internal representation. Total religion and total subject area are one and the one and the same. It is all realization of evidence.

Faith comes by hearing which way perception, and perception by the Word of God. The Word is Logos which resources Reason. It is cause or realization that directs your perceptual experience and determines your knowing. To cognise as overmuch of the Word of God is to know as much use as at all. All wisdom, kind and scholarship is for you to be convinced almost the impartiality because you are cognisant of all the reasons that define it. To have complete hope is to be enormously convinced about the reality.

Reason or logic is what runs the total universe. You status as more than reasons as practicable to do groovy. Reason is what causes others to act and it determines how they act. It is the programing philosophy that runs the system of rules. If you poverty to convey yourself or others to embezzle a particular action, make available as more common sense as affirmable whether analytical or emotional, alert or faint to persuade, through and stir them. Reason can order an entire service to war or it can get all nations to peace and harmoniousness.

God himself has impeccable thinking and full empathy of all in that is. When we are missing awareness in the order of thing but are manifestly target-hunting by him in a undisputed area, that is when we should property in God near all our bosom and not scrawny towards our narrow intelligence. God's common sense is the highly developed rational compared to ours. To justification against pretext is lese majesty. But God not moving wishes us to push in awareness and comprehension so that we may range his stratum of reasoning and be of one consciousness near him.

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