How Brie is made:

To engender Brie, drink is grumose next to the tallying of rennet and the curds are introduce out in molds and after exhausted. Several passes are taken, creating layers of curds which can sometimes be eminent in the eventual dairy product commodity. After debilitating for all but a day, the cheese is a removed from the molds, salted, and the microorganism is introduced. Finally, the food is set in a cavern to age for approximately one calendar month up to that time human being brought to bazaar.

Brie Trivia:

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o Brie is nicknamed "The Queen of the Cheeses".

o Emperor Charlemagne's dying preference was to have one later lesion of cheese.

o Brie is the record in demand food in France, with concluded 400 contrasting types sold-out all throughout the administrative district.

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o It is if truth be told ill-gotten to commodity French brie into the United States because it is not old all over 60 years.

o The white, musty peel of brie is savorless and pareve.

What Brie Should Look Like-

o Brie is a compressible food.

o It's roofed in a achromatic subsequent. There may be ruddy patches in the deposit.

o The interior of the dairy product should be yellow.

o The food has a clear-cut scent which is commonly well thought out to be solid.

o It should essence a touch nutty.

Serving Suggestions:

o Due to its temperate flavor, Brie goes healthy next to best fruits, nuts, dotty and breads. It oozes pleasurably when hot and makes a terrible top-flight for a hot canapé. You can pair it near Beaujolais Nouveau, Chardonnay, and brilliant wines.

Nutritional Analysis:

o Serving Size: 100 Grams

o Calories: 334

o Total Fat: 28 grams, 42% U.S. RDA

o Protein: 21 grams, 41% of U.S. RDA

o Vitamin A: 11% U.S. RDA

o Calcium: 18% U.S. RDA

o Iron: 2% U.S. RDA

Brie Torte


o 1 8 apothecaries' ounce block brie cheese

o ¼ cup butter or margarine-softened

o ¼ cup chopped, dried tart cherries

o 3 tablespoons sparingly chopped pecans

o ½ spoon dry thyme

Refrigerate brie until iced and firm; or freeze 30 minutes or until steady. Cut wedges in partially horizontally.

In a itty-bitty bowl, unite butter, cherries, pecans and thyme; mix very well. Evenly disseminate assortment on cut-side of one of the cheese wedges. Top beside other half, cut-side downward. Lightly wring together. Wrap in plastic wrap; preserve 1 to 2 work time. To serve, carry cheese to area fundamental quantity.

Serving size: 2 tablespoons

Baked Brie


o 1 8 oz. trilateral of Brie cheese

o ¼ cup pesto sauce

o 1 box of h2o crackers

Cut Brie in half. Put foundation partially of Brie on hot plate. Cover the inferior partly beside pesto. Put top partly on top of bottommost fractional. Bake in oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until Brie starts to visibly liquefy. Remove from stove and dump dishware on top of another cold helping serving dish. Put barmy all around Brie and spoon over.

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