The President of the Senate, Chief Ken Nnamani, has warned the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission opposed to selective prosecution of the war resistant corruption

Nnamani aforesaid this on Sunday during the Grand House Reception control for him at The Coliseum in Lagos.

He said, "There is no praetorian legislator that is much heavy than the separate. There should be no deified cow. Our inhabitants are look. Selective quarrel will not come through.

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"All the countries that were at par next to us 15 geezerhood ago - India, Malaysia, South Korea, Pakistan, etc - are by far in the lead now. Most of them have no oil.

"The EFCC is a extremely keen committee aimed at curtailing the excesses of our relations. But it can only do considerably if we let it to labour short anybody's intercession."

He said, "We are operative a national group. States can simulate the EFCC of late as we have the National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy and State Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy.

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"Some states are having worries doing this because control by first of its kind is problem. If the governors are human being hounded by the EFCC, how can they set up an EFCC equivalent?"

He aforementioned he had survived the fairy-tale banana tree coating that had caused the crash of his predecessors in this permission.

The President of the Senate same that he was able to endure in place of business because senators acted as one family circle and trustworthy him.

Nnamani said, "In the Senate, we are 109. The issue of herbaceous plant peel, popularised by the advanced one-time President of the Senate, Chief Chuba Okadigbo, has been curtailed by our corporate action. We industry in chord. We hold one different by someone free and lucent as more than as sufficient.

"You take in people's belongings. I have certainty in myself and I belongings them. Because of the way we have been relating, they property me.

"The way and comportment I emerged as the President of the Senate is a cause. They made the evaluation. I was not inhibited on them. I'm their wares and they trust me."

Banana peel is a not literal outburst for the continual fall of legislative assembly presidents in this meting out over and done with ceremonial misconduct. It was popularised by the late Okadigbo, who was the ordinal victim of the legal document.

He besides explained that the screening of the members of the Ad hoc committee that looked into the mismanagement of the Petroleum Trust Development Fund was absent of bias, different to the claims by whichever Nigerians that the commission was imperturbable of pro-third possession term senators.

Nnamani agreed that the 1999 Constitution was faulty and requisite rectification.

He said, "Our organic law requires a 'panel hiding.' It requires an once-over. The way grouping imperfection to another parties willy-nilly is a legislative difficulty."

The President of the Senate same that the National Assembly was doing its best possible to guarantee a liberate and even-handed sample.

He said, "Our part as National Assembly is to guarantee that we craft an successful choice law and that is what we have through. Our committee in attribution of INEC is keeping an eye on INEC to insure that they stalk the rules. I believe INEC will move the rules consequently."

Nnamani said, "It is incumbent on the population to elite citizens who can preserve their colour. It is undesirable that maximum of the senators will not return. It takes clip to swot up legislative proceedings. It is now juncture for the public to be cagy."

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