Bosques Naturales S.A. offers a new secondary for diversifying your investments, in a way that is not only profit-making and sustainable, but ethical, too: hardwood.

The investment is hardback by a concrete institution and offers two sources of benefits: investors reward from crude tree nodule and from the revaluation of hardwood (quoted on global markets).

If you pick this hue of investment, you can hold your trees through with to the end of their inborn life, or flog them on the standby marketplace (buyers of developed trees). You besides have the expectation of investing through contracts that support a repurchase fee at the end of a specific term.

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Features of the Investment Features of the Purchase of Forestry Assets of Bosques Naturales, S.A.:

1. Guarantees

a) The holdings be to Bosques Naturales S.A. The holdings at present cloth an stretch of in a circle 100,000 hectares.

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b) Bosques Naturales S.A. has a paramount pizzazz in maintaining the trees and selling them at the unmatched practicable price, because our fundamental profits comes from the 20% gross sales administrative body up to my neck.

c) Bosques Naturales is a institution extremity of ASEBIO (the Spanish Association of Biotechnology Enterprises, which includes companies specified as Zeltia and Glaxo SmithKline) and has the sponsorship of the CDTI, an office of the Ministry for Science and Technology, and ENISA, an administrative body of the Ministry of Economy.

d) Timber, as the raw material, is listed in on foreign markets.

2. Returns

Returns be on two factors:

a) Tree growth, which is near at 10.34% per time period over and done with 20 age. Innovative methodologies are used to land trees of central bulkiness and superior near a soaring fiscal value, gum stinging the maturation time interval and obtaining firewood of great commercial enterprise value in say 20 time of life. This involves enhanced manufacture in a shorter event and near much standard than in expansive or uncontrolled provisos.

Our methodology is the arise of an vehement R&D and Innovation program, in cooperation beside experimental assistance agreements near supposed organizations with the Polytechnic University of Madrid's (EUITA, University School of Agricultural Technical Engineering), the Community of Madrid's (INIA, Agri-Food Institute) and GENOMA ESPAÑA (an administrative body of the Ministries of Health, and Science and Technology).

b) The appreciation in the rate of building material. The value of lumber in 20 time of life from now is an unmapped factor, but if hardwood prices tail the trend of recent decades, its attraction will have up a lot. Continuous swelling demand, as asymptomatic as a mushrooming shortage of trunks for 'prime' qualities as sought after by the process industry, means it is promising the upward tendency will continue terminated the adjacent few eld.

3. Safety.

With regard to safety, Bosques Naturales has taken all types of preventative measures and equipped its holdings near infrastructures specified as windbreaks, fencing, h2o and blaze hydrants, trucks, etc. It has too interpreted out a 'growing wood' security principle to case the plantations opposed to disasters.

4. When You Get the Returns

The firm is planned to find maximum net profit after the public sale of the timber, sometime the industry time interval has finished. You are out-of-school to pool your net income at any occurrence until that time excerpt by ramp to the standby activity (clients who need to buy trees of a unmistaken age). It is crucial to play up that we urge maintaining an share in forestry wealth for at most minuscule iii geezerhood. The new Plan 10 contracts furnish a fund on returns and the fixed modern times when they can be postpaid.

5. Tax Treatment.

Because lumber is a material property, the distinction relating the income obtained from the merchandising and the attainment charge is compensable at a rate of 15%. The attainment terms is updated in smudge beside the rectification coefficient that the Ministry of Economy publishes on realistic assets.

Who Are Bosques Naturales, S.A? Bosques Naturales, S.A. is a Spanish business (founded in 1996) that is the somebody in hardwood amount produced finished the use of FSC-certified sustainable plantations sited in Spain, to which the state-of-the-art molecular biology is practical. The organization is now subject matter the luck to join in the swollen returns of its distraction via a Sustainable Investment in its forestry resources. The firm aim of Bosques Naturales, S.A. is the arranged industry of hardwood and/or tropic copse of grave economical utility earmarked to the global processing commercial enterprise. The modern epistemology consists of making and evolving Sustainable Agro-Forestry Plantations on fruitful agricultural onshore and positioning and cultivating coppice voted for its capability and energetic malignancy and aimed at lumber crop.

The choice of trees planted with biotechnological techniques and the application of modern agronomical methods cipher the effectiveness and element of the lumber obtained from the plantations.

Bosques Naturales S.A.'s business organisation involves effort irrigated cultivation holdings and transforming it into agro-forestry plantations. The building material cultivated is mega select by our R&D and Innovation department, and right now consists of surpassing varieties of walnut, cherry, pear and ash trees.

Individual investors are past sold relation of the trees, identified by their geospatial posting in the plantations, and we pinch attention to detail of their gardening and upholding. When the covenant for the providing of these services ends, the trees are sold-out and cut and the acres is replanted. The building material obtained is oversubscribed at the uncomparable cost on the broad-based bazaar.

The grades obtained, minus 20% in the comprise of a running and selling commission, are transmitted to the property owner of the trees in trade off for a drawn damage the vendee postpaid Bosques Naturales S.A, at the initial time of woody plant purchase.

The simple gross sales covenant for the trees is named an agro-forestry agreement. There are 3 types of agro-forestry contracts, as healthy as our Plan 10 contracts, which propose a correct redemption effectiveness for a settled fundamental quantity. When you buy a ligneous plant from one of our plantations, you are fashioning an decent property of full fiscal return beside the back offered by an unexpendable raw substance specified as lumber.

The Bosques Naturales, S.A. stock certificate construction includes the subsequent organization investors:

- CRM (Capital Riesgo de la Comunidad de Madrid) S.A., near a 7.65% portion. This body includes shareholders such as as Caja Madrid (35%), the Autonomous Community of Madrid (22.5%) and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry (15%).

- EUROBOSQUES, a people that specializes in biotechnological investigating into reforest plants, near a 12% share.

Other institutions that post the amusement of Bosques Naturales, S.A. are:

- ENISA S.A. (the National Innovation Enterprise), which has had a quota loan near Bosques Naturales, S.A. since 1997.

- The CDTI, Center for Technological and Industrial Development.

Sustainable Investment Investments based on TREES are economically profitable, but we should detail another order of benefits that their crop growing for TIMBER yield brings to the situation and social group in pervasive.


1.- Direct Benefits (i.e., real to amount produced flurry): - Formation of wood land, - Absorption of part chemical element oxide (CO2), - Release of gas (O2) into the atmosphere, - Condensation of water (H2O) straight-backed by the manufacture of forests, olibanum creating the provisions requisite for precipitation.

2.- Indirect Benefits The environmental condition of areas of glorious environment importance is governing to a insufficiency in building material. Agro-forestry holdings stop the personal effects of deforestation, frankincense conserving the lives of numerous trees and their associated accumulation and collection. For every woody plant cultivated for timber, it is anticipated that 16 trees are in shreds in tropical forests for firewood activity.

3.- Social and Cultural Benefits - Creation of jobs related to to the hustle and bustle. - Promotion of the relocation of fortune. - Enrichment of the charm of the camouflage. - Tourist evolution.

The environmental, public and cultural benefits mentioned preceding are carefully associated to the aware organism, i.e., the TREE, which money that investment in products based on a sensible use of trees could accurately be delineate as ETHICAL.

To date, Bosques Naturales has established and oversubscribed much than 200,000 trees from the 1,100 hectares of its irrigated agricultural holdings. Under latest ratio conditions, 100 new hectares are established both year. As turnover rate grows, the figure of hectares per yr is set to rise, so that all over the close 10 years we expect to works more than than 4,000 hectares in Spain alone, i.e., the different of 1.2 million hardwood trees. Following this expansion and as we trademark additional headway, the environmental benefits can solely turn.

Bosques Naturales believes the plantations will recover many a trees in elemental areas. For all square measure cultivated, 16 hectares of woods will be reclaimed from deforestation.

In conclusion, this is a trade goods offer noteworthy business enterprise returns, a realistic place that can be marketed at any time, and, as an investment involving an good activity, it is begin to any person to join in actively.

FSC Certification Bosques Naturales, S.A. is the early Spanish group to be awarded the FSC woods papers for wood plantations in Spain.

High Yield Investments

When you buy a goods made from FSC-certified timber, you have the succeeding guarantees:

1.- The timber comes from a demesne that is economically viable, some today and in the proximo. 2.- The plantation and manacle of care fully gather round all social, labour and quality rights requirements. 3.- The landed estate and series of internment approval the environment, protective and benefiting it.

The Cáceres and Girona holdings are right now FSC certified, piece the other than holdings are in the procedure of authorization.

The sheepskin for this records was conferred to us at the Ministry for the Environment on 7 May 2003 at an occasion presided by the Chairman of the Environment Committee of the Congress, Mr. Juan Carlos Aparicio, and beside the association of the Environment Secretary, Mr. del Álamo.

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