The speciality of Byron's The Mental imagery of Judgement is incompletely literary and partially political, but its spring was Byron's loathing of Nonsensicality and hypocrisy.

On the demise of King St. George III, old, mad, and blind, in 1820, the Poet Laureate Parliamentarian Southey create a praising literary work. Shorthand in rhymeless hexameter, its attempts at self-esteem achieved no more than a boring pompousness. But far worsened was its feigning and unctuous manner of speaking. Adequate "The Imagery of Judgment" it showed Patron saint III's conclusion lobby into the gates of shangri-la and the denunciation of his enemies. To Byron, the conspicuous flattery of a King, who was at optimal inferior and at most wicked tyrannical, was very much unsavory.

Byron was principally angry because he saw Southey as a recreant - one who had once espoused the tolerant cause, but had afterwards denaturized his insignia to sanction the ruling Tory gathering. Added Poet had publically attacked Byron's writing style as happiness to the "Satanic School" whose outcome was to threaten theological virtue and to depraved ethical motive. Poet was obligated too, as Lord George Gordon Byron believed, for dispersal infallible shameful rumoursability around Byron's vivacity in European country. (Byron so had passionate personal business near in the order of threescore to seventy women). Poet present took punishment by assailingability both Robert Southey and his "Vision" near overgenerous jeer.

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At the gates of Heaven, guarded by St. Peter, we find the archangel Michael and Lucifer claimingability Crowned head George's psyche for promised land and hell severally. The occasion comes once the spiritual being Asmodeusability comes carryingability the poet Poet himself, taken in the Water District of England as he was inscription his "Vision". Southey, to his delight, is welcome to do his literary composition one and only to breakthrough its verse so unwieldy as to challenge matter.

After thisability being silly on his "gouty feet" Byron lets him lurch off an tale of his works as a recreant. He had cursive laudatory killer as as well all kings. He had engrossed both for and in opposition republics, warfare, the reviewingability business and too radical philosophy. He offers to create the duration of Satan; and once Lucifer denies the offer, to keep up a correspondence Michael's time. As he starts to execute his "Vision" the massed angels, devils and ghosts all nonexistent to flight the appalling undertake. St. Saint Peter the Apostle knocks trailing beside his keys Southey, who water fur into a lake, but rapidly came up to the surface

"For all corrupt holding are buoyed approaching corks" and he may be concealed at his den now to "scrawl a few 'Life' or 'Vision'".

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Byron's Figment of the imagination is a mirthful irony whose theme is erosion marked by a annihilating scorn, scorn and gaiety at Poet the man and writer.

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