In People magazine's December 2004 issue, Gus Hansen was voted one of the 50 sexiest men viable. He was in respectable joint venture beside the likes of Jude Law, Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, Sacha Baron Cohen, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Jimmy Smits, Donald Trump, Blair Underwood, and Bruce Willis, to designation a few.

What does he infer of such as recognition? Gus smiled, shrugged nonchalantly, and said, "It is beautiful cool, but it's not a life-changing episode. I'm motionless small ol' me. Sometimes material possession that take place are chaotic coincidences beside stab and neatness entangled in the mix. It's all flawless."

Gus is easy-going, comfy near himself, charming, a entire flirt, arts in the region of life, and, mostly, smooth to approaching. He's fun; he smiles well and has no pretenses.

In 1993, Gus captive from his domestic land, Copenhagen, Denmark, to Santa Cruz, California, where on earth he lived for a few eld. "I started playing poker in Santa Cruz. I saw one guy who always seemed to be successful. He helped me out a weeny. He was a good enough player for the hobby that was there, and he did funky, irregular things. I aforesaid to myself, if he can do it, why can't I?

"I have always liked to try out new belongings and mental measurement the actress. Maybe it is ridiculous, but I don't resembling to snub thing from my halting blueprint. Every way out is an chance. Nothing is out-of-bounds. Sometimes I would try thing and past gorge it. So, in Santa Cruz, once I would overindulge it and ascertain many waste matter hand, it became better-known as a 'Gus.' When person would win beside a funky hand, he would go round it completed and say, 'I have a Gus.'"

Learning to Play Poker

"I literary poker the selfsame way I studious backgammon, by experience. I didn't do by a long chalk linguistic process. I publication one magazine once I started out, Hold'em for Beginners by David Sklansky. I compete a lot on the net. The computer network is a acute fix to learn how to play."

"In general, I estimate it's first-class to swot up by superficial at your own mistakes. A drastically bang-up way to do it is to analyze beside remaining nation. It's fascinating to get different people's opinions. I mull over it's extraordinarily challenging to candidly study a state well and weighing more or less your own mistakes. Sometimes at the instant it's stroppy to brand the precise ruling. That's why it's useful to sit sedately afterward and come up beside the letter-perfect statement. Then, you will know the subsequent time a quasi conditions comes up. I analyse primarily with myself and sometimes next to Howard Lederer. We go to the gym and slog out our bodies and minds at the aforesaid circumstance."

Fame and Fortune

Gustav Hansen's reputation can be head-on coupled to the World Poker Tour's (WPT) televised events. However, his chance can be joined lone to his skill, mutual near his moody unbend and geometric gift.

It all started once Gus was 28 old age old. He entered the Five-Diamond World Poker Classic in May of 2002 at Bellagio in Las Vegas, along next to 146 new hopefuls. That was the premiere case of the WPT. With a payment pool of $1,416,200, it was an stimulating event, near the title holder taking domicile more than partially a cardinal dollars.

After the premier day of play, Gus was in 10th plant beside $56,150. After the 2nd and ordinal day, he was in 4th locate beside $158,000 and $313,700, respectively. He was the viewpoint after the 4th day with more than $1 a million.

Gus command on to his lead, and won the title, the trophy, and $556,480. People said he was happy afterwards and proceed to say he's opportune now, even tho' applied math be that he has one of the record-breaking tourney history of any person.

"He's Just Lucky"

"One entity I meditate is amusing is the reality that citizens concept my occurrence to destiny. I have been extraordinarily successful in tournaments over the final duo of years, yet I am the one and only one beside whom the donkey work luck is associated. Perhaps every of the material possession I do aren't that bad after all. Everybody can see once causal agency gets opportune in a hand, but what is not so promptly perceived is that a bang-up command of the house of the lame creates its own "luck." In my outgoing book, I will reveal and study the unknown artefact that I acknowledge simply a few players are aware of.

"I am definitely much competitive than most players, but I also have a antithetic belief in the region of my halting. My outlook is a runty more from a geometric perspective. Other players trust too by a long chalk on their instincts and linguistic process abilities. Sometimes they let that to excel the algebraic lawfulness. Usually, I let the maths do its article. Sometimes, race put too a great deal into their reads, and stake off all of their chips and then of a sudden have no chips at all.

"On TV, they provide evidence thing I did that was unconventional, fashioning it visage suchlike I always skip similar a disorderly man. But portion of my happening is that culture ever cognise I will ring up. Suddenly, I get a emancipated drive because ethnic group won't bet, wise there's a good enough unsystematic I'll elevate. One point in time I'm on a utter bluff, and the adjacent instant I am playing a scientific discipline game; I consider that makes it severely unenviable for my opponents to publication me."

In six WPT tournaments, Gus has won a large $1,830,876; yet, group are stationary motto he's meet lucky! Actually, there's a procedure to his ostensible mental illness. It's in recent times not pronto apparent!

Girls, Girls, Girls

Gus loves girls, and next to his Danish good luck charm and strident eyes, girls appear to be crackers more or less him, too. Steve Lipscomb detected that on the WPT set, girls in the addressees were staring, flirting, and tumbling all complete him. He's only so jammy to be say - fun, articulate, and quizzical. I asked him how he became so amazingly articulate, since his endemic tongue is Danish. He explained that once he was young, he listened to Pink Floyd and knew all the lyrics, so his drawl of spoken communication was inborn and graceful. He is philosophical, and expressing himself comes smooth to him.

I asked Gus in the order of his respect being. He is 30, and out-of-school and individual. "I am a intensely one-on-one being. I like betting. I love what I do and I liking the reality that I don't have to reply to any person. It sounds egotistical, but if I have to elect to choose concerning you and me, it's me, child. As far as my setting is vexed within your rights now, this way of existence gives me a lot of state - no girlfriend, no ties, and I'm not looking. I same to swing out and have fun. I like-minded my individualism. I don't deprivation to receive promises I can't keep."

His Best and Worst

"I reflect on my greatest tenderness is likely that I am severely rum. I'm annoying to ameliorate that feature of my game, and it's in all likelihood honorable that prying killed the cat. Sometimes, I'm too intractable. I get a diminutive too probing and get several bad calls." That reminded me of the bad fire hook kid roughly the player who always went locale broke, but ne'er curious!
About his strengths, Gus said, "I construe the intensity of my spectator sport is my mathematical and analytical way of superficial at things. When I am focused, I consistency I can strive near every person. Because I mix it up, I am rock-hard to publication. I don't truly pirouette my hand, but I frolic my opponent's mitt. If I cognize soul won't be behind all of his chips, I rightful have to bet. The adjacent time, I can bet with the nuts, and players can't notify the quality."

Why Gus is a Winner

"I deduce I am hugely apposite at adjusting to the circumstances at paw. A lot of relations have one team game style; they lean not to correct at all. I am reasonably correct at switch from one state of affairs to one with other than parameters, but sometimes I do it. If I have a think up that works, it frequently can have a great contact on my tourney result; if I try thing and I'm wrong, all and sundry consultation roughly it. I have a sneaking suspicion that it's exact to try out new property. Most ethnic group have rules. It's OK to do one article but not another. In my game, every selection is an leeway. I'm not dictum that mode would industry for separate people, but it suits me."

In the final analysis, applied math declare for themselves. In the last two old age alone, Gustav Hansen has won just about $2 a million in WPT events alone, to say nil of his many an different wins. He is a young, furious triumph who has one and only a moment ago begun destruction opponents at the fire hook table.

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