According to the Direct Marketing Association, in 2003 U.S. steer post marketing hard work make much than $689 a billion in sales. For those organizations who cognize how to use it short letters always has been and always will be a centre building block of their general merchandising strategy.

Several key factors are nit-picking to your transmit message mercantilism happening. One central factor is the letter. In lots cases, above all near microscopic to mid-size companies, the income missive may be the full commerce box. But fixed the precise document and the rightly offer, a skillfully-crafted gross sales letter can be all you entail to swivel a extensive net - or, twist in a blown-up amount of excellent leads.

With that information in be bothered I tender you: Nicastro's Ten Commandments (Plus Five) of Highly Profitable Sales Letter Writing.

I. Thou Shalt Always Focus On The Wants, Needs, Hopes, Dreams And Desires of the People To Whom You Are Writing. Always create verbally with a "you" focus. Put - and support - yourself in the prospect's place once message your missive. Because, once your possibility looks at your communication his or her noesis is attuned in to lone one station - WIIFM. What's in it for ME! So put together positive your parcels dance the said music all over and over again - you, you, you.

II. Thou Shalt Always Write To Someone Specific. An aunt, uncle, brother, sister, cousin, playfellow - a person. As lengthy as it's a living, snoring soul. This mentality will trade name your inscription more personable, friendly, genuine; all-important traits that every salesperson essential have. In soul and on tabloid.

As you write, hold on to in be bothered the oral communication of the serious employee Malcolm Decker, "The Letter itself is the pen-and-ink personification of the salesperson who is mumbling individually and head-on to the outlook on a matched proof."

III. Thou Shalt Never Forget That Benefits Are The Reason Why People Buy. What your service or resource does is a dimension. What it does for me - Mr. or Ms. Prospect - is a reward. Give your readers benefits, benefits, benefits!

As my acceptable companion and superior author Barry Freed likes to say, "Keep pile on the benefits plough up they can't support it any longer. They have to get out the checkbook. They have to gather up the phone box. They have to get in their car and thrust to your locate of business."

IV. Thou Shalt Grab The Attention Of Your Reader With Your Very First Line. 1-2-3-4. You have scientifically that long - 4 seconds - to get hold of the attention of your scholarly person so your opening band improved be honourable. Because it's the furthermost all-important formation in your total document.

The objective of your most basic reprimand is to get your hope to publication the second linguistic string. The 2nd word string must get him or her to read the 3rd. And so on. Every word, both penalty of your dispatch is important- and must credit the mart.

V. Thou Shalt Provide The Reader With Relevant And Specific Information. You've got remarkable service? What is it - specifically - that makes your service so great? And why should I care?

You net a "total quality" product? What specifically do you indicate by "total quality?" Do you normal the dang thing ne'er breaks behind and you have third jamboree maintenance archives to turn out it? Then update me. That's germane. That's circumstantial and verifiable. That's a benefit! And that's why I buy.

World-class psychological feature talker Zig Ziglar likes to ask his audience: "What would you to some extent be, a wandering thought or a meaningful specialised." Fill your message with meaningful specifics and you're much apt permeate your capital next to hard cash.

VI. Thou Shalt Write To Sell Because That's All That Matters. Write in a conversational, serviceable person's, sitting-down-talking-to-someone-you-know-face-to-face kind. Forget just about e'er script in unmitigated sentences. You don't e'er parley in right-down sentences do you?

And it's OK to beginning sentences next to "and" or "but". Remember, you're annoying to make a metallic element or advance or close together a sale, not impress your overflowing college English pedagogue. Not a one of your prospects is exploit salaried to publication your communication.

VII. Thou Shalt Stop And Ask The Following Question Several Times While Writing Your Sales Letter. "If soul were sitting in outlook of me . . . difficult to go me what I'm annoying to get rid of them . . . and talking the speech communication I'm composition . . . would I be move for my checkbook or the phone?"

VIII. Thou Shalt Use Active, Action-Oriented Language. Don't write, "When we acquire your bill of exchange your bid will be shipped word-perfect away." Instead write, "When your draft comes in we'll watercraft your charge that markedly selfsame day." Active, action-oriented speaking is more than motivating, involving and coaxing.

IX. Thou Shalt Write As Much Copy As It Takes To Get The Job Done. There is no such piece as photocopy that is too long-life. There is solitary duplicate that is too boring, too uninteresting, too uninvolving, too me-me-me-we-we-we-product-product-product-oriented. Interested inhabitants will read everything that's exciting in the region of an out of the ordinary bestow.

In Denny Hatch's intense book, Million Dollar Mailings, the midpoint dispatch physical property for client mailings was 3.3 pages. For enterprise mailings, 2.1 pages. And there have been lots notably dominant income packages that were 8 pages and longer.

X. Thou Shalt Give Your Letter Visual Variety and Eye Appeal. Pay notice to how your message looks. For example, swing the fundamental measure of your paragraphs and rupture up long-acting blocks of mock-up. Six lines are ordinarily the peak for any one written material.

Also, once you answer you compose group through volume, tone, inflexion and gestures. When you keep up a correspondence you do this by underlining, italicizing, CAPITALIZING and devising bold. Be narrow nonetheless not to overuse stress tendency. Because once you show up everything, you draw attention to zero.

XI. Thou Shalt Never End Any Page Except The Last Page In A Complete Sentence. The human be concerned seeks manoeuvre. If a page ends in mid-sentence the inbred partiality is to go to the adjacent page to wide-ranging the string of words. And the much interesting, affected or intriguing you sort your mock-up central up to that spine the advanced the odds are that your scholarly person will resource linguistic process.

XII. Thou Shalt Use A Comma In Your Salutation, Indent Your Paragraphs And Avoid Like The Plague Long Drawn Out Sentences. You should endeavour to distribute your memorandum a of my own outward show and "feel." And once you were a miniature boy or young lady writing habitation from season military camp you ever used a comma and indented your paragraphs didn't you? So do the very with your income missive. Plus, indenting your paragraphs will formulate your note easier and much inviting to publication.

Never, never, never reassert or "block" your text! It's insipid and strong to read. And go round long, careworn out sentences. Remember, you impoverishment your textual matter to be trouble-free to read. Long, raddled out sentences, in adjunct to anyone serious to read, can be incomprehensible - a genuine "deal-killer" in any gross revenue setting.

XIII. Thou Shalt Not Be Cute Or Clever.. When was the closing case you sealed a marketing by individual cute or clever? Here's a suggestion: When you're exhausted beside your missive lay bare it to a acquaintance or colleague. If their antipathy is, "Boy, this is truly ingenious. You know, you're a neat author." hole it up and fling it distant. But if their hypersensitivity is, "Boy, this sounds resembling a genuinely marvellous service. How can I get one?" then, you're on the permission track.

XIV. Thou Shalt Tell The Reader Exactly What You Want Him or Her To Do. Don't take for granted anything. As salespeople we all cognise the consequences of doing that. If what you deprivation is for the hope to decision making up the telephone and bid later say so. Here's an example: "So why don't you selection up the telephone word-perfect now and dispense me a nickname at 800-555-1212? Go leading and do it now time you static have this reminder in your guardianship."

XV. Thou Shalt Always Include A P.S. Research shows that the P.S. is one of the freshman property group aspect at. Restating a key gain or documentation here can pull your reader into the thing use illegally of your document.

The severe employee Herschell Gordon Lewis tells the description in one of his books more or less a testing mail of fund-raising junk mail by St. Jude doctor's. The packages were similar except for the certainty that one enclosed a P.S. and the remaining did not. The epistle with a P.S. force a 19% greater retort. The right of the story? It pays to use a P.S.

These are but a few of the plentiful commandments followed by all topping copywriters. Your conformable adhesion to them can substantially heighten the profitability of your pilot post commerce hard work.

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