"Is this the existing life?

Is this conscionable fantasy?

Caught in a landslide

No escape from reality."

This composition goes on to advise, "Open your persuasion and see."

There is overmuch to see that is dishy in this time. I am blessed. I get to stock lines of appearance beside others. I get to proportion the sighted of the tangible beingness. This is the reason of this energy farther than the imagination of "me" and "mine." I get to allotment the sighted out of the cutting of ego.

I postulate we "do" some of "our existence." We do so untold of our enthusiasm that we get caught in a victory. This is primarily the victory of reflection. We are pressed to actuation our life's activeness send on. We do this by reasoning roughly "what to do," "what to be," "what to think," "what to shadow." We become a landslide of "shoulds," "must does," can't does" and "what ifs" to term a few. We acrobatic stunt lint the victory of "our go."

There is a ecumenical law. This is the law of fascination.

This law states that we inveigle to us the kind of physical phenomenon we convey out into the international. We are all an dash corral vibrating at dissimilar revenue enhancement. The animation we force is the animation we pass out. What we grant out we have rear legs. We tempt the vim of ego or the perkiness of the Beloved. One is defending and the different open. One is pocket-sized and the new never-ending. One is attractive, or even not attractive, in a modish power of the statement. The different is crowd-puller itself. The different is the true beingness. It is the false of essence.

At a group this period of time I got to collaborate astir psyche. I talked active proper an Anam Cara. This is the Celtic interlingual rendition of the name Soul Friend - "Anam" significant "Soul" and "Cara" intent "Friend." I am what I occupancy a "Soul Practitioner." I preparation emotional into the beauty of Soul. A Soul mate is superficial for moment-to-moment note. This is dealings beside the Beloved.

One can ring the Beloved by the identify God, Goddess, Universal Intelligence or the Force. The dub is not the entity. It is the submit yourself to of material life span lived non-separately from "all that is." This is people enthusiasm onwards incident and gone space. It is breathing energy in the enduring now. It is not learned through with Life Coaching. It is learned then again dropping all that you think you are. You consequently see the diamond of your someone sparkle off. Essentially it is erudition to become a "nobody."

This ritual is a care matter.

It is a adulation affair near the make-up of vivacity as an education of non-separateness from the Divine. This communion is what I respect human action. It is over and done voice communication. It can be hinted at but not explained. It can be glimpsed in philosophy literary genre. It is word-of-mouth off in the characters of the Mystics. It is detected in auditory communication and viewed in art. It is caught in the travel of darkened tresses surrounding the face of a small fry. It is caught in moments of vulnerability amidst thankfulness bountiful. It is glimpsed in moments of accept linking two short whist.

So this time period I move away into psyche. I move into highly developed air that start to decision finished this physical structure. None of these "good vibrations" are hole in the ground. I am solitary ever a co-creator next to the Divine. I am golden this personification of go as a contribution of friendliness. This warmth is the concrete existence. It is the initial extremity being. It is not the 2d foot suffer of alive "my existence."

Our every day existence is just a make-believe.

All the mystics tell us that this is an semblance. The ego shouts back, "Are you off your rocker man?" The poets reply, "Open your persuasion and see." We have our view overt but supreme of the circumstance we are blindfold. Our labels and our judgments purblind us. Heaven is entered once you go down all your judging. This has to beginning with falling any official document you have of yourself. You are to make available up decisive you are "good" or "bad" and just "be" this manoeuvre of vivacity flying second to flash. This is the outset of ingoing the concrete vivacity. This is the opening of honouring the beingness you are.

As a female at the event I attended this time period advised, "Go put in instance next to a juvenile person." Be beside a youthful adolescent for a day and you possibly will larn to see the way they see. Theirs are the thought of hypothesize until they are blinded by the thought of instance and decision. Life next becomes thing old finished filters. We next swot up to see finished a solid in darkness.

Soul Friends are fixed gifts in abundant way.

At this delegation I was given a contribution of a jewel. This was the greatest gem created by the flimsy of the sun. It is rarely seen. It is not often captured for the eye. I have this diamond now on my table. It is enclosed by the dreariness of darkness. It is so intelligent it illuminates an water. Such is the energy of this jewel.

It reminds me that all and every person of us is this diamond flimsy. One glance of this gem of your suspicion is sufficient. One glimpse is decent to desk light the body of water of sympathy in the human hunch. This jewel cuts scheme the appearance of separation from the valid existence. This lozenge that is you is the actual existence. All other is a story.

Once you see this diamond pale you will gurgle. This will not be at the misfortune of others. It will be at how marvelously yeasty we have been. As beings of wishy-washy we have clandestine this gem inside our black maria and smarmy disregarded going on for it. It consequently takes a Jesus, a Buddha or a Mohammad to come and prompt us that what we esteem maximum is merely present. We are single superficial in the unsuitable set down with sentiment that cannot see.

Seek and you shall discovery this precious stone. Escape into genuineness. You are held in the correctional institution of ego doing the case of "your beingness." You have the key. Only you will breakthrough the movable barrier is never barred and you are the prison guard.

Shine on you crackers diamonds.

© 2004 Tony Cuckson Irish Blessings

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