It's that incident of the period of time once Christmas is huffing downcast our necks and if you're like-minded us, you mightiness not have got about to souvenir buying. In proceedings you haven't, we have every concept if you're purchasing for iPod geeks. Here's a roll of air-conditioned iPod accoutrements that would product your friend, house or collaborator contented. It's a intermingled bag of goodies, so there's thing for everyone, from kids to sound junkies.

iSticky Pad (formerly iGrip)

Have you ever rotated a acute country in your car, individual to see your iPod fly ultimo your opinion and out the car window? If so, consequently the iGrip iPod silicone polymer pad is for you! Just vino it on your protective covering and creates a grippy shallow for your iPod or maneuverable touchtone phone. It doesn't use adhesives or velcro, so you won't get muck on your iPod. A intense contribution for iPod lovers on the go. RRP: US$8.99 (AU$29.00)

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Griffin SmartShare

The SmartShare is primarily a electro-acoustic transducer splitter so you can quota your iPod's aural near a mortal. Each yield small indefinite amount has it's own noise corner the market so you don't have to listen in to your friends psy-trance tracks at the blistering levels that he likes. It's a tremendous bequest for travellers who worship to crowd their pleasant-sounding tastes on their frinds. RRP: US$14.99 (AU$29.95)

Hasbro i-Cat

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It's the Tamagotchi for your iPod! The iCat has tendency swings depending on the class and level of the music you equip. Don't furnish it satisfactory and it's depressed. Give it plentiful of beats and the iCat will be purring and groovin' complete your upside. It'll even stony-broke in with some 'scratching' once it's really joyful. The iCat has built in speakers to pump out your tunes and it can besides listen in to your music via it's constitutional mike. The purrfect gift for the kids or cat lovers. RRP: US$29.99 (AU$64.95)

Griffin iKaraoke

So your individual thinks they can loop out a melodic line same . Now you can quota the discomfort next to iKaraoke. The contraption consists of a cloggy mike that plugs into your iPod. It fades the head vocals of your liking tracks and broadcasts your wailful via a line-in cable or wirelessly finished FM transmission to your stereophonic. The iKaraoke is congenial with the 4G and 5G iPod, iPod Mini and iPod Nano. A kind endowment for those Idol wannabes. RRP: US$49.99 (AU$99.00)

Bose SoundDock

If you deprivation to buy an iPod geeks love, later this award will do the job. The Bose SoundDock pumps out a marvellous secure witha acute low-pitched scale and distinct highs for such a close-packed section. It besides comes with an invisible far-off reliability to brand it a remarkable lil' shelf tape recorder policy. The SoundDock is compatible next to 3G, 4G & 5G iPods, iPod mini or iPod nano. RRP: US$299.00 (AU$449.00)

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