Over 65 age ago, a written report given to the US Senate declared the sensational truth: 99% of the American populace are deficient in minerals, and a explicit lack in any ONE of the much all important minerals results in malady. (Doc #264, 74th Congress, 2nd Session, 1936.) Small marvel that in 2004 the AMA issued a directional to their physicians mightily encouraging them to advise a cracking mineral / victuals addendum to ALL their patients. Since nearby are so lots choices, it's best to be sensible...

In Tacoma, Washington, 250,000 pounds of undigested aliment and mineral pills are force out of the sewerage physiotherapy plant life all six weeks, quite a lot of of them beside brand name calumny yet readable. (Chiropractic Economics, March, 1998.) It is even more harrowing to agnize that they cannot be interpreted to the municipality defecation. Since most of them are from vegetable matter tar (petroleum-based) they must be interpreted to a venturesome dissipate dump! People sip them all day, even though pills and tablets are one and only 6-10% gripped by the natural object. (Physicians Desk Reference, PDR)

Dr. Linus Pauling, the solely someone to win two Nobel Prizes, alleged the serious truth: You can smack all sickness, both disease, and every ill - at last - to a mineral need. Your natural object can make enzymes and vitamins, yet requires minerals for its abundant tasks.

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Have you of all time wondered what sustains an negatron spinning circa an substance nucleus? How does it operate in unceasing motion? What is the rootage of energy? The most forward-moving quantifiable minds reason out that the electron forever dips into the fine of limitless force and approaching titled the vinyl ether. The inhalation general anesthetic provides cosmic life-force to all entity through the superconduction of mono-atomic weather condition. This applies to magma, rocks, water, as symptomless as breathing cells.

Due to 21st century profession (sound undulation frequencies),A business called Eniva brings us mono-atomic minerals. Professionals and individuals who have been victimisation these minerals are more than happy beside their show.

You may have detected tapes or read articles debating the efficacy of a range of sandstone products and you may have asked: Shall I use mixture or chelate minerals? Emphatically the answer is: Neither! While some of these are measured in microns, the mono-atomic minerals are plumbed in angstroms. This is parallel to the incongruity between a mi and six inches!

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There are two of the essence factors beside these angstrom-sized minerals:

1. They are slickly transported from the blood evenly to the cells;

2. They are absorbed done the tissue layer membranes of the chops and the upper helping of the tum (as very well as through the connective tissue) avoiding the organic process procedure altogether. Since umpteen inhabitants have a compromised organic process system, this is decisive.

If you would like to know much roughly a sized minerals, go to my land site

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