Cisco acquires Scientific Atlanta, with the anticipation of combine the varied home networks: video, data, voice, auditory communication. In one stroke, Cisco has positioned itself at the acme of the Network Convergence word.

Only two companies had a unreserved fastener over the focus plateful the STB market: Motorola and Scientific Atlanta. With today's acquisition, Cisco cuts through with the balustrade to get in the STB market, and beside it, acquires a large opportunity to front the newness in earth networking. Neither Motorola, nor SA had satisfactory of the some other pieces. Cisco does.

Imagine the anticipated of the Home Network ...

One, conscionable One box from Cisco sits as a Gateway Server for ALL the conjugal networks, beside a fat tubing future into it. Services can be inside-out on and off remotely, as the customer pays. Various Clients - all Wireless, of educational activity - acting off this Server: The VOIP/VideoOIP phone phone / headset / Camera, the TV, the PC, the Laptop, ...

This waiter is some a sharp Set-Top-Box and a big keeping machinery next to PVR, DVD, DVR, Digital Music Console, Wireless Router.

Cisco but has tremendous Storage Networking application in-house, although trade that thrown to consumer-level idiot-proofing will go on to be a state of affairs. The driver, of course, is that consumers would privation to view, listen, feel at one with over and done with triplex displays / speakers / handsets - all about the manor. The optical instrument likewise cover line to a secure, authenticated, multi-user environment.

In a nutshell, the STB was absolutely critical in the food-chain, and now that Cisco has got its keeping on that important piece, plus resolution the bridge challenge, we can mental imagery.

So far, a literal Home Network convergence machinery was not at all.

Now it is.

ps. Configuring and managing Home Networks will be a big profession, and this job cannot be outsourced as well. A mostly non-tech understanding user people will put in for that service organisation travel out to their homes and fix property. Who pays? Consumer or Carrier? Without this support, Convergence will not fusion the gap.

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