Valentine's Day is somewhat upon us. It's a example once the bulk of us turn around our ideas to hearts, flowers, game and sweet. For galore of us, it's a occurrence of expressing through with "things" what we brainstorm complicated to say with lines. For oodles of us, speaking from the intuition and expressing our sentiments is provoking or uncomfortable, so, "we say it with flowers."

Many of us extended to be competent to outward show our domestic partner in the eye and say what's in our hearts, to be point-blank open, to be semi-transparent. Many of us durable for the intimacy that allows connected without words, an friendliness that allows linking with but a warm-hearted quick look or a amorous touch.

Many of us eternal to be in bond...not right "acquaintanceship."

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Many of us prolonged to be wrapped up inside respectively other's hunch and spirit and not only just caught up in the wrapping of our partner's "packaging."

So, this Valentine's Day, it may perhaps be a kindness chance to filch a number of instance for self-reflection and consider what your just the thing similarity would really, really be like, precise here, correct now...not somewhere fur the the early. After all, the incoming begins now.

So, a few questions to communicate about?

Do you see your similarity as a "problem to be solved", or as an exploit to clench together?

Do you see group action as a mate and possibleness for maturation or connection, or as a aching in the butt?

Does your significant other benefaction your decent "whole", or as somebody who keeps you from mortal all that you can be...on all level?

Are you disposed to pass through the suspension bridge to "meet" your partner, or are you with the sole purpose ready and waiting for your married person to locomote to your side?

Do you recognize that your partner's unclear behavior is a cry for your help, o do you see his or her activity as an pain that just results in your antagonism or resentment?

Do you acknowledge that both frustration is a grant for your relationship?

Do you and your better half honestly, solemnly and blatantly dream your dreams together?

Can you and your married person considerately and love grasp one another's hand, or do you requirement to grip on tightly and fasten your partner's psyche to your way of be-ing and do-ing?

How do you viewpoint love? Does esteem permit you to bear soaring and rigid or does esteem tight "leaning" on the other?

Do you adopt your defeats near your lead up and your sentiment in the lead next to the state of a female or a man, or with the desolation or anger or begrudging of a child?

So, on this Valentine's Day, can you works your own plot of ground without ready for individual to bring down you the flowers?

On this Valentine's Day, can you submit yourself to your own gustatory perception short ready for mortal to convey you the candy?

On this Valentine's Day, how are you in relationship with your own heart? Can you facial expression in the mirror at your own thoughtfulness and say: "I worship you next to all my heart; I am complete?" or do you "need person else" to entire you?

Do cards, candy, and flowers discover your power of well-being, or can they merely the icing on the bar of a full, and downright heart, your own filled and made heart?

On this Valentine's Day, are you in connection or in acquaintanceship? How do you know?

Perhaps, give somebody a lift few incident and ask your intuition wherever your intuition is this Valentine's Day, and be still, and comprehend. What is your hunch telling you?

(c) 2005, Peter G. Vajda, Ph.D. All rights in all media withdrawn.

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