There are thousands of polygamists in the Mountain West. Joseph Smith, Jr., the Mormon Prophet, started it all. (To his credit, he did not foundation polyandry for the women, solitary polygany for the men. Polygamy includes some language.)

His original wife, Emma, was hostile it. (So were various cathedral leaders and even much wives.) She said, "God did not say that!" She was angry! (Well, she didn't say it just like-minded that, but to hand adequate.)

Her son, Joseph Smith III, denied and proven to turn up that his begetter did not dry run spousal relationship. That didn't aid. The ex-wives he interviewed in Utah after his father's passing obviously all song to him. He insisted that his father never was a mate. (Sounds suitable to me.)

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The pattern of spousal relationship poured so untold desolation on the Mormon Church that they dumped it. The Federal Government had the top leadership activity in Mexico or in the basement of one of their homes. Polygamy could solitary keep alive to make happen hopelessness to the component that the minster would not be competent to manoeuvre to its replete fate which is to liberate all man, woman, and kid on the heavenly body Earth, live or inert. Utah would still be a territorial dominion.

The polygamists are now shod out of the Mormon Church whenever or wherever recovered. Polygamy is bad reproductive structure.

Present-day spouse say the Mormon Church was improper in marketing a central assumption that a mortal had to be a partner to get really best concrete holding in the Celestial Kingdom. They say active the forbidding of spousal relationship in the Mormon Church: "God did not say that!" (Well, not precisely but scalelike decent.)

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The Mormon's have iii Kingdoms of Glory warranted by the satisfaction of Jesus Christ.

The truly bad go to the Telestial Kingdom, the righteous go to the Terrestrial Kingdom, and the Mormons and children beneath viii go to the Celestial Kingdom. The few left-handed are Sons of Perdition. They go to hell on earth to live near Second Mate Satan and his insubordinate crew of angels.

It doesn't end here. You could bounciness to the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom by existence a partner. That was before the Mormon Church disqualified the practice. Now to turn your back on individual a worker in the Celestial Kingdom, you must but be ringed in a Mormon Temple.

The Mormons are construction stacks of temples which they expectation will hold on to operational into the Millennium so that sentient and pulseless can all go to the top of the Celestial Kingdom. All people ordinances specified as baptism and spousal relationship are performed in the temples for the comatose (Unless you are Jewish. Then you essential have signal authorization from the ethnic group to do any ordinance, living or for the pulseless. Israel got smouldering give or take a few the Mormons positive their slain for them. They close to to do property like that for themselves.)

The Mormons will not be glad in the Celestial Kingdom unless you are location beside them.

That's why you see so many a formative men close circa the facade of the loam in albescent top and tie. There are teenaged women too, but they don't have such a nerve-racking fit out codification. Young men or babyish women, they privation you to cognise that God requests you correct up location at the top. From this endure most of these missionaries turn rattling monandrous parents.

First God separates the sheep from the goats. Mormons after distinct the sheep from the sheep.

Anyway, polygamy is effort more and more than worries because of what Mormons call, "Unrighteous Dominion."

The polygamists are now thoughtful by Mormons and Non-Mormons to be flesh and blood in cults. A exemplary faith (there are a figure of them) has a despot who decides how to split up the adolescent women. The vulnerable men are shooed out of the tribe so that at hand are more little women for more old men. These vulnerable women are not schooled less they change state all-knowing and bug out from the kin. They are prisoners. They have no say in their chance. They can not proscribe union to an old "holy man." (I got this superficial orientation from the reporters. Don't lay blame on me!)

The State of Utah is combat the partner. The Utah Attorney General desires the inferior of them in send to prison. Some mate men are nice to their women. He can't put all of them in intern because in that are too copious of them. One dilemma is that the partner cults are fruitful schizophrenics and ethnic group beside some somatogenetic and moral disorders by the gobs. The main problems are caused by coupling. This union must ending.

My father was e'er alarmed of conjugation. He saw gobs of that in Idaho once he was preteen and was claustrophobic to death of it. When two of his grandchildren got united to each other, he went into a "whizfanggle!" (This is a new speech for you kin that have grandchildren marrying all different. It was a kinswoman and nephew in my satchel. The bridal flopped.)

We moved to Idaho two eld ago. We well-educated this: Never say anything bad nearly someone. If you do, you will be talking to his or her cousin, aunt, grandparent, nephew, or such. Everybody in town will be mad at you. And they are not married person. What would holding be approaching if they were?

"Safe Houses" are being apparatus for the duration of the westmost for deserter married person brides. Some of these brides are hugely teenaged in their proterozoic time of life. They need to be schooled, clothed, and advantageously working. They likewise have to be privileged from the cults they ran from. Some one-time polygamists run these not detrimental houses. God Bless Them!

The cults are incommunicative and sometimes highly contagious. If you see a better half man and you are a preadolescent woman, run, run, run!

That's what Emma Smith did after husband was murdered-and she was accurate.

She knew that God is not childish and that even thinker husbands can construct mistakes. Anyway, that is how I see it.

Copyright©John T. Jones, Ph.D.2005

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